Customized to
Meet Your Needs

We are the developers of the products we offer and understand the science at the molecular scale. Our extensive knowledge and years of expertise allows our clients to benefit with the most advanced, cost effective coatings available today.

Offering Solutions to Enhance Your Competitive Edge

By incorporating other cutting-edge technologies, we can expand on the natural characteristics found in our SiO2 coatings. Our internal R&D enables us to develop innovation custom coatings solutions as well as identify and assist with new application processes. Our range of testing creates successful outcomes to meet our clients specific requirements.

Good Practice for Our Customers

As international and local regulations continue to change, we are able offer safe eco friendly products that benefit our clients and are environmentally respectful. We have developed partnerships with our customers by providing them proven, cost effective alternatives to macro products and engineered nanoparticle based coatings.


We love to share our knowledge and findings as we endeavor to offer our clients and their industries the most advanced and cutting edge technology possible.