Testing results and demonstrations of the natural attributes found in many of our safe and easy-to-apply SiO2 Ultra Thin Coatings.

Our GRC/GRP PROTECT at work in Dubai.

SiO2 Technology’s self-cleaning properties pick up dirt particles.

Our Taber 5900 Reciprocating Abraser at work on glass.

Undetectable superhydrophobic SiO2 coating applied to half of porous stone.  

SiO2 coating applied to half of the windshield allows better visibility.  

Stucco coating protected with SiO2 Technology for three years in Dubai.

Cushion treated with SiO2 ultra thin coating.

Our Taber 5135 abraser testing scratch resistance on textile.

SiO2 Textile Industrial application for laundry.

SiO2 Paper PROTECT applied to absorbent card.

Self Cleaning Concrete SiO2 Coating.

Half of fountain coated with SiO2 Technology.

Testing SiO2 Screen PROTECT, mobile phones are protected against accidental drops in water, sinks, toilets, etc.

ATCC spray test.