Improving Glass

Glass is both a unique and commonplace material. Its versatility as a compound is demonstrated by its uses across many industries, including automotive production, aviation, architectural glass, renewable energy (solar panels), construction, electronics, and many more. North American markets are experiencing significant growth while the Chinese markets continued to see increased profits in 2018. It follows that glass coatings represent a major opportunity to further optimize technologies where glass is utilized.

The glass industry faces several production challenges which ultimately affect the quality of its products. For example, glass can be scratched during manufacturing, transportation, handling, and installation; it can be a difficult material to keep clean over time without compromising utility; production machinery typically requires significant maintenance; and application of a protective coating requires multiple steps costing vendors time and money. Furthermore, glass manufacturing processes traditionally involve toxic materials which harm human health and the environment. The resulting product acts as a pollutant over time.

The current standard coating solutions, which are meant to solve these problems, do not sufficiently ensure product quality nor minimize environmental impact. Plastic films applied to glass are costly, difficult to apply, and are easily scratched. Other application processes are highly sensitive and require the use of safety equipment to protect against toxic elements and their high cost is due to their multi-step application techniques.

SiO2 International offers a superior alternative.

Our innovative SiO2 ultra thin coatings are applied to glass surfaces using a single, non-toxic step. These coatings are VOC free, food and skin safe, and environmentally friendly. In contrast with current industry standards, our products are long-lasting and durable, resistant to hydrolysis, frost, vapour cleaners, and oxidation while being easy to clean. Additionally, they resist ultraviolet rays, acid alkaline substances and the caustic nature of diesel and jet fuel while they protect against physical forces such as pressure washing and naturally occurring abrasion.

SiO2 International is at the forefront of glass coating technology. Learn more about our coatings at