The Benefits of Using
SiO2 Ultra Thin Coatings

Our SiO2 Technology, referred to as Liquid Glass, is based on molecules of silicon dioxide (SiO2) or quartz glass. Sand at the beach and the stone around us are made of SiO2. Our coatings are inert, meaning it comes from the earth and returns with no ill effects making our technology safe to the environment.

Simple Applications that Change the Characteristics of Surfaces

When applied, SiO2 Ultra Thin Coatings deliver increased characteristics that will appear to have made no changes to the surface. The colour and feel will remain while it rejects water, oil, solvents, dirt, mould/mildew, microbes, abrasion, environmental decay, U.V. light, and many other damaging influences.

We assemble safe SiO2 molecules to form a matrix quartz glass barrier between the environment and the surface. No controversial lab engineered nanoparticles are used in our technology. Silicon dioxide (SiO2) is the chief component in glass, and is found in vegetables, water and beer, and is considered a safe food additive by the FDA (FDA CFR-Title 21, Chapter 1, Subchapter B, Part 172, Subpart E, Sec. 172.480). Our versatile products can be applied using typical tools without the use of safety equipment needed in the development and manufacturing of other products.

Self-Cleaning Properties Pick Up Dirt Particles.

Innovation and Performance

Long-Lasting Protection. Coated surfaces reject stains, dust, mould/mildew, pollution, dirt and build up of hard water minerals. Fingerprints are easily removed. Scratch and abrasion resistant, SiO2 Technology increases the lifespan of the surface.

Safe and Easy-to-Apply. Our Coatings are easy-to-apply with no special equipment or tools needed. Simply wipe, dip or spray the surface. We offer our products with 0 VOC (volatile organic compounds).

Complete Surface Protection

Highly Resistant to Acids, Alkaline and Solvents. Treated surfaces become easier to clean reducing the need for soaps and harsh cleaning products. Our coatings are bacteriostatic (biostatic) so they resist the formation of biofilms, bacteria, algae, and mold.

Cost Effective. Our SiO2 Ultra Thin Coatings are easy to clean and will extend the life of surfaces. Our protection is cost effective and will reduce maintenance costs. 

Keeps Surfaces Clean and Controls Problem Microbes

SiO2 International Inc.’s anti-microbial variants have been developed without the use of  “leaching agents” or toxic materials. We successfully married our SiO2 Technology with a “3-(trimethoxysilyl) propyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride” or silane-quat (si-quat) molecule to offer a safe, effective alternative to traditional pathogen control systems. Considered by the FDA as one of the safest and most effective active innovations to eliminate pathogens, our anti-microbial products control microbes through a mechanical process that greatly reduces the instances of microbial resistance (super bugs).


SiO2 Coatings 

Explore the Possibilities.

  • Keep the glass of mobile phones scratch and water resistant
  • Increase the lifespan of fabrics
  • Protect sensitive medical devices from problem bacteria
  • Reduce window washing and keep glass cleaner, for longer
  • Control problem microbes safely
  • Protect metals against corrosion
  • Guard vintage stone from environmental decay
  • Protect buildings from atmospheric pollution
  • Reduce indoor pollutants that damage surfaces
  • Keep shower glass from soap and mildew buildup
  • Control bacteria on keyboards
  • Protect against graffiti
  • Reduce the evidence of fingerprints
  • Increase visibility on glass
  • Keep public and food prep areas sanitary
  • Assist the growth of crops and plants
  • Replace solvents in liquid resistant papers
  • Keep exterior signage clean
  • Reduce maintenance needed in exhaust systems
  • Reduce toxic cleaners in healthcare
  • Reduce the need for windshield wipers
  • Reduce the bacteria on touch screens and ATM’s
  • Keep decals clean to meet regulations